Green energy from organic wastes
Recycle energy

GEOW® is a patented thermochemical continuous process to convert a material containing available carbon into syngas and final inert residual solids.

Pyrolysis takes place in the total absence of oxygen, except in cases where partial combustion is allowed to provide the thermal energy needed for this process. Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of materials into gas, liquid, and solid.

Gasification is the high temperature thermal conversion of feedstock into useful and convenient gaseous. The resulting gas, called syngas, can be used as a fuel for power generation or as a feedstock for chemical production.

In the GEOW® process, pyrolysis is totally anaerobic and gasification is carried out with the addition of water.


Gasification and pyrolysis have been tested on several materials under different process conditions.

Paper factory muds 

Thermoset, carbon fiber and resin 

Plastics and papers mix


HPL and plywood sandwich